Stationary electrode tip dressers are among the machines that made the automated milling of electrode caps popular many years ago. Over the years, they have been modified in countless details, improved, and adapted to the current needs of our customers. They are used worldwide as a standard device.

LUTZ DressMaster
Elektrodenkappenfräser LUTZ Standard Serie 10.36
Manueller Kappenfräser M2 protable bajonett
Mobiler Elektroden-Kappenfräser 0.19

1. DressMaster

A stationary tip dresser which thanks to its modular design can be upgraded from a basic machine to a tip dresser with a rotation sensor, communication modules ( Interbus, Profinet, or similar) and many more options.

  • High dressing speed allows for a shorter dressing time.
  • Cutter tools can be exchanged quickly, due to the bayonet lock.

2. DressMaster Swing

The swivel tip dresser allows to dress stationary welding guns. Due to the high flexibility in installing, the tip dresser can be positioned at many spots inside the welding cell.

  • Pneumatic or electrical drive possible
  • Adjustable dressing position along 4
  • Swivel angle variable from 6° to 105°

3. DressMaster Manual

For tip dressing in non-automatic production areas hand guided tip dresser are a good and flexible solution. From a portable, to a cart mounted tip dresser we can provide you with a variety of solutions.

  • Pneumatic or electrical drive
  • Compact design, easy to move
  • Multi-purpose machines